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      • Full line of MLS- and MLC-model system phones, providing access to
        multiple lines from a single phone at each extension.
      • Programmable buttons on system phones, providing one-touch access to
        system features simply by pressing the button.
      • Modular connections to the control unit, making it easy to reconfigure
        your system or to add lines and/or extensions as your business grows.
      • Direct connections for industy-standard devices—including most
        standard phones, fax machines, answering machines, modems, and
        credit card scanners.
      • Intuitive operation of basic call handling capabilities including transfer,
        conference, and hold.
      • Intercom (inside) calling to other system extensions using an Intercom
        button and the two-digit number assigned to the extension. Users can
        either ring an extension or voice signal it using a system phone’s speaker.
      • Easy-to-use programming procedures, making it easy for you to manage
        your system and telephones. System display phones provide feedback
        during programming.
      • Flexible dialing restrictions and permissions so you can control telephone
        activity and phone bills.
      • Grouping of extensions for flexibility in directing and answering calls.
      • Caller ID support on system display phones (provided that Caller ID
        service is available from your local telephone company and you
        subscribe to it).
      • Automatic system answering features to assist in answering and routing


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