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  •  Multiple line assignments, permitting more flexible call coverage. For
    example, the equipment controller automatically assigns all lines to the
    first phone connected to the equipment controller, to serve as a possible
    receptionist’s position. In addition, you have the option of assigning
    secondary lines at other phones, to provide Local Call Coverage, so that
    a person can answer calls on a line when the line’s primary user is absent
    or busy. The equipment controller also passes Centrex ringing patterns
    through to each phone (for example, to distinguish between outside and
    inside calls). When a line is assigned to an MLS- or MLC-model phone,
    the lights on the line button let you see the activity on the line.
  • Programmable buttons on MLS- and MLC-model phones, providing
    one-touch access to both Centrex and equipment features). You can
    access a feature simply by pressing the button.
  • Easy-to-use programming procedures, making it easy for you to manage
    your system. You can change line assignments, call coverage
    arrangements, or programmable buttons, quickly and easily. (The display
    on an MLS-34D or MLS-12D phone provides feedback during
  • Modular connections to the equipment controller, making it easy for you
    to reconfigure your system or to add extensions as your system grows.
  • Direct connections for industry-standard devices—including standard
    phones, fax machines, answering machines, modems, and credit card
  • Optional equipment features, including paging over a loudspeaker
    paging system or over MLS-model phone speakers, music on hold*, call
    detail recording (also known as Station Message Detail Recording, or
    SMDR), night service operation, speed dialing, line access restrictions,
    and many others.
  • Power failure operation with standard phones, allowing you to make and
    answer calls during a power failure while retaining programmed
    equipment settings for up to four days. (An optional Uninterruptible
    Power Supply, or UPS, is also available to allow full equipment operation
    during a power failure.)


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