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  • The TN794/TN2400 Sandwich Board Assembly (comcode 848254942) is required for upgrades to R7 and R8 si that reuse the existing backplane. The board bridges the packet bus to the TN794 NetPkt circuit pack. The TN794/TN2400 Sandwich Board Assembly cannot be separated into two circuit packs.
  • Replaces the TN778 packet-control circuit pack in field-upgraded systems (in new-build systems, the TN2400's function is performed by a revised backplane). Used with the TN794.
  • A new TN790B Processor circuit pack and the new TN792 DUPINT circuit pack are required for R7 and R8 si duplicated systems.
  • Processor carriers J58890L-2 List 25 or List 31; J58890M-2 List 15; J58890AH-2 List 13; or J58890AJ-2 List 12 require only theTN794 circuit pack; that is, the TN794/TN2400 sandwich pack is not required.
  • All earlier carriers require the TN794/TN2400 sandwich circuit pack assembly.

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