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  • The TN577 packet gateway (PGATE) provides 4 RS-423 physical ports for X.25 protocol interfaces between the system and adjuncts.
  • In this application, PGATE functions as the data communications interface unit providing protocol conversion between the X.25 protocol and the mode 3 protocol carried across the LAN Bus.
  • The X.25 protocol (Levels 1 and 2) is terminated and the data reformatted into the ISDN packet mode protocol for transport across the LAN bus.
  • Supported adjuncts include AUDIX, CMS, and Message Server Adjunct (MSA).
  • The TN577 also supports the Distributed Communications System (DCS) environment by providing X.25 signaling through 1 of the RS-423 physical ports, or back through the system using the TDM Bus to the appropriate DS1 or tie trunk circuit pack.

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