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Web Messenger 4.03

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Manuf. Part#  6054-P20
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  • Upgrade from release 1.0 for use of Partner Voice Messaging PC Card.
  • Provides same functionality as Partner Plus Release 4.0 communications system, with the ability to expand to a maximum 11 lines, 32 extensions
  • Comes with 8 tip/ring ports, 2 of which are power failure ports, 2 PC card slots and 2 user replaceable AAA batteries
  • Designed for flexibility and control of call handling for maximum efficiency
  • Easy-to-use features help you make the most of your resources and provide superior customer service
  • Gives you the ability to speak with visitors via doorphone and the ability to open the door from a telephone without having to leave your workstation
  • Retain your processor modules when upgrading
  • Gives you control over toll call access .
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