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  • Build your Merlin Magix System by starting with the Merlin Magix Release 3.0 Control Unit.  The control unit includes:
  • Merlin Magix Basic Carrier Unit w/Power Supply
  • Has six slots to accommodate line and station modules (the first slot must be reserved for the Processor)
  • Merlin Magix Processor Release 3.0
  • Provides the backbone for the Merlin Magix system
  • Comes with its own power supply
  • Merlin Magix WinSPM Release 8.0
  • Designed to help Merlin Magix system managers do their jobs more easily
  • Provides convenient access to current system information
  • Provides the ability to make comprehensive, real-time programming changes from a PC interface
  • Also provides centralized programming of multiple Merlin Magix systems located at different sites
  • Provides point-and-click control via WinSPM's familiar graphical user interface, to help your business set up and
  • use your Merlin Magix system to maximum advantage
  • Provides an interface to connect you with online help via an Internet browser. This interface supports up to four programmable hyperlinks to the online resources that are most valuable to you and your business

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