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Manuf. Part#  MERLEG-PCKG2
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This Merlin Legend Phone System Business Package provides powerful call center features and scalability at an economical price. Configured for 8 lines, 8 MLX stations, and 8 Merlin ATL stations, voicemail and expandable to 80 lines x 200 stations. A great Merlin Legend Economy Business Package!


1 unit - Merlin Legend Basic Carrier - Like New
1 unit - Merlin Legend Release 7.0 - Like New
1 unit - Merlin Legend 408 GS/LS MLX Module - Like New
1 unit - Merlin Legend Mail (007 MLM) 4-port - Like New
10 units - Merlin Legend MLX-10D - Like New

    Merlin Legend Basic Control Unit:
  • Includes Carrier Backplane and Power Supply
  • Provides 6 slots for Merlin Legend Processor and up to 5 Merlin Legend Modules
  • Merlin Legend Release 7.0 Processor:

  • Release 7.0 Enhancements. Release 7.0 includes all Release 6.1 functionality plus the enhancements listed below.
  • MLS and Enhanced Tip/Ring (ETR) Telephone Support. 
  • Supports the Legend 016 ETR Module allowing customers to use existing Partner MLS, Partner ETR (Eurostyle), Transtalk 900, and Business Cordless 905 telephones on their Merlin Legend System
  • Expanded Digital Station Capacity. 
  • Supports the Legend 016 MLX Module increasing the maximum number of digital telephones from 127 to 200
    Voice Announce on Idle Only option on MLX telephones
  • Priority Call Queuing
  • Calling Party Name on Caller ID and support for the Legend 408 GS/LS MLX with Caller ID (ICLID) module
  • Enhanced MLX Headset Operation
  • Touch-Tone or Rotary Signaling
  • Abandoned Call Information Reported to Merlin Legend Reporter
  • Includes 2MB Flash Card

    Merlin Legend 408 GS/LS MLX Module:
  • Supports up to 4 central office lines which can be either loop-start or ground-start
  • Supports up to 8 Merlin Legend MLX Voice Terminals
  • Contains 1 power failure transfer port
  • Compatible with Release 2 or later
  • Line can be individually configured for loop-start or ground-start
  • Includes 2MB Flash Card

    Merlin Legend Mail (007 MLM) 4-port:
  • 4-ports to receive or play back 4 simultaneous messages
  • Up to 21 hours of message storage for the capacity you need
  • Up to 100 mailboxes for all your employees
  • Modular circuit pack slides right into your Merlin Legend control unit; no need for extra wall space, extra power supply or extra surge protector
  • Three Automated Attendants enable different coverage for different departments
  • Separate day, night, and holiday schedules for each Automated Attendant
  • Cascaded outcalling can call an employee's home phone, cellular phone and pager to announce new messages
  • Personal operator transfers callers from your mailbox to a co-worker
  • Bulletin Board gives callers routine messages such as hours of operation, driving directions or snow day advisories
  • Message Waiting light activated for new messages only
  • Toll fraud security automatically locks a mailbox when outsiders attack
  • Compatible with all domestic and international releases of the Merlin Legend Communications System
  • Merlin Legend System must have a 391A3 or newer power supply module

    Merlin Legend 408 GS/LS ATL Module:
  • Supports up to 4 Central Office type lines that can be either loop- or ground-start, or mixed
  • Supports up to 8 Merlin ATL multiline voice terminals
  • Contains 1 power failure transfer port

    Merlin Legend MLX-10D Telephone Black:
  • 10 programmable buttons for line appearance or feature access
  • Conference, transfer, hold, mute, HFAI, and built in 2 way, speakerphone.
  • Message waiting light
  • Pull out tray for feature quick-reference
  • Can be desk or wall mounted
  • Compatible with Lucent Legend Multi-Function-Module which allows connection of a Fax Machine, Modem or any other single line device.
  • Dual LEDs on each programmable button
  • 4 soft keys for programming through display
  • 2 line x 24 character display


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