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  • The TN793/TN793B is a dual coded, analog line 24-port, that performs all the functions of the TN746B, 16-port analog line circuit pack. Each port supports 1 telephone, such as 500 (rotary dial) and 2500 terminals (DTMF dial). Use Vintage 6 or greater for the TN793. Use Vintage 1 or greater for the TN793B.
  • The TN793/TN793B supports on-premises (in-building) wiring with either touch-tone or rotary dialing and with or without the LED and neon Message Waiting Indicators. The TN793/TN793B supports off-premises wiring (out-of-building only with certified protection equipment) with either DTMF or rotary dialing, but LED or neon message waiting indicators are not supported off-premises.
  • The TN793/TN793B, along with a TN755B neon power unit per carrier or per single-carrier cabinet, supports telephones equipped with neon message waiting indicators (on-premises use only). The TN793/TN793B supports 3 ringer loads, only 1 telephone can have an LED or neon message waiting indicator. The TN793/TN793B allows a maximum of 12 simultaneous ports ringing.
  • The TN793/TN793B supports A-Law and µ-law companding and administrable timers. The TN793 supports queue warning level lights associated with the DDC and UCD features, recorded announcements associated with the Intercept Treatment feature, and PagePac paging system for the Loudspeaker Paging feature. Additional support is provided for external alerting devices associated with the TAAS feature, neon message waiting indicators, and modems The TN793/TN793B also supports secondary lightning protection.

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