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  • The TN789 circuit pack is an interface between a DEFINITY system and 2 Wireless Fixed Base (WFB) radio units for the DEFINITY wireless business system R1-PWT.
  • The TN789 contains a main processor to handle data line circuit (DLC) and upper medium access (MAC) layers of firmware.
  • The TN789 also contains 2 lower MAC processors; 1 for each radio interface. Each radio interface is referred to as an I2 interface.
  • The I2 link is the connection between the Radio Controller (RC) and the WFB. The RC supports up to two I2 links, each link consisting of 4 pairs of twisted-pair cable: the transmit pair, the receive pair, and the local power pair.
  • The transmit pair transfers WFB control and frame information from the RC to the WFB.
  • The receive pair transfers status and frame information from the WFB to the RC. If the RC cannot provide power to the WFB, a third pair (to the WFB) can supply local power. When possible, the transmit pair and the receive pair provide phantom power from the RC to the WFB.
  • Each circuit pack includes a standard TDM bus interface from a system, 2 radio interfaces to 2 separate radio units, and 2 synchronization ports.
  • In addition, 2 RS-232 interfaces provide for a debug terminal and for setting up the wireless terminal. Provides an interface to Wizard II base stations (DWBS).

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