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Web Messenger 4.03

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Manuf. Part#  63114C-C4
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  • Interfaces to eight 4-wire Digital Voice Terminals
  • Interfaces the Definity System or System 75 to 80 Voice Terminals (7400 series Digital Voice Terminals
  • 8400 Series Voice Terminals can also be connected to Definity 16-port and 24-port 2-wire circuit cards) 302B1 and 302C Attendant Consoles
  • Processor Data Modules, Trunk Data Modules or 3270 Data Modules) for use over Digital Communications Protocal Links
  • Supports Voice Terminals in the same building as your Definity System or System 75 or IROB (with line protection)
  • Required when adding 4-wire Digital Voice and Data Terminals

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