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Manuf. Part#  63920
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  • offers up to 1 hour of announcement storage capacity.
  • can be updated with firmware files downloaded directly over the LAN. The files are
    downloaded through the TN2501AP's 10/100Mb Ethernet interface, not through the
    TN799 C-LAN circuit pack.
  • plays announcements over the TDM bus, similar to the TN750C.
  • has 33 ports, including
    1 dedicated telephone access port for recording and playing back announcements
    (port number 1).
    1 ethernet port (port number 33).
    31 playback ports (ports 232).
  • uses a 10/100 Mbps ethernet interface, allowing announcement and firmware file
    portability over the enterprise LAN (FTP server functions).
  • uses announcement files that are in .wav format (CCITT A-Law and µ-law, 8 KHz, 8-bit
  • also works in Avaya Definity® G3R, G3SI, and G3CSI, Avaya S8700 Media Server,
    AvayaTM S8100 Media Server configurations

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