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  • The TN2313AP DS1 port board interfaces a DS1 trunk to the switch backplane via port slots that are standard for DEFINITY products.
  • The TN2313AP is compatible with previous DS1 circuit packs, including the TN464F (V19 and below), the TN2464 (V19 and below), and the TN767E DS1, except that it does not provide for packet adjunct capabilities.
  • The TN2313AP supports a variety of applications, including networking of DEFINITY switches, international trunk types, video teleconferencing, and wideband data transmission.
  • The TN2313AP DS1 interface can be configured for domestic (24-channel, 1.544 Mbps) or international (32-channel, 2.048 Mbps) use.
  • The TN2313 can supply two 8-Khz reference signals to the switch backplane for optional use by the tone/clock board in synchronizing the system clock to the received line clock.
  • The TN2313AP can be updated using the firmware download feature.

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