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  • The TN2302AP IP Media Processor circuit pack replaces the TN802B. The TN2302AP requires one slot instead of the three slots required by the TN802B.
  • The TN2302AP is more reliable and increases available bandwidth from 10 Mbit to 100 Mbit. The TN2302AP is the H.323 audio platform.
  • It includes a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interface.
  • The TN2302AP also provides VoIP (voice over internet protocol) audio access to DEFINITY ECS for local stations and for outside trunks.
  • The TN2302AP can perform echo cancellation, silence suppression, fax relay service, and DTMF detection.
  • The TN2302AP provides audio processing for between 32 and 64 voice channels, depending on the CODECs in use.
  • It supports hairpin connections and shuffling of calls between TDM connections and IP-IP direct connections.
  • For DEFINITY Release 9, the TN2302AP can be updated using the firmware download feature, which requires use of the TN799C C-LAN interface.

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