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  • The TN1648 is an SPE component used for maintenance. A processor in the TN1648 runs control routines that connect to maintenance software.
  • The TN1648 has a 5-LED alarm panel and a toggle switch to manually inhibit automatic emergency transfer of PPN analog lines.
  • The TN1648 provides 2 RS-232 interfaces for connection to an administration terminal and, with duplication, connection to a standby maintenance terminal.
  • The TN1648 also provides a tip and ring port with a built-in modem allowing a remote administration terminal to access the system.
  • The circuit pack allows connection to the management terminal and connection to and termination of 1 end of the processor bus. Other maintenance items include:
    PPN alarm monitors and outputs including auxiliary alarms for auxiliary equipment and environmental monitoring for over- temperature conditions
    Power supply sense and control for the carriers
    Emergency transfer control for catastrophic failure. The circuit consists of a 3-position toggle switch. The switch may be moved into the manual on position, manual off position, or automatic position.
    Non-volatile memory containing the time-of-day clock, the initialization and administration system (INADS) telephone number, login password, and product identification
    Alarm panel information with major, minor, and warning LEDs, an ACKnowledge LED, and an emergency transfer LED

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