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  • Abbreviated Dialing (AD) Allows you to store selected telephone numbers as three
    or fewer digits for quick and easy dialing.
  • Automatic Callback Sends you a special 3-burst ring tone indicating that a
    previously busy extension is now available. Use to avoid constant redialing when you
    want to speak to someone who is frequently busy on the telephone.
  • Bridging Permits you to answer or join calls to someone else’s extension by
    pressing a bridged appearance button on your voice terminal.
  • Call Coverage Provides automatic redirection of certain calls to your voice
    terminal for answering.
  • Call Forwarding — Busy/Don´t Answer Temporarily forwards all your calls to
    another extension or to the attendant if your voice terminal is busy or you do not
    answer your calls within a preset number of rings.
  • Call Forwarding — Follow Me Temporarily forwards all your calls to another
    extension or to an outside number, depending on your system.
  • Call Park Puts a call on hold at your voice terminal, for retrieval at any extension.
  • Call Pickup Lets you answer a call at your voice terminal for another extension in
    your pickup group.
  • Conference Allows you to add another party to a call. Use to set up time-saving
    conferences, or to spontaneously include a party important to a conversation.
  • Drop Disconnects from a call without requiring you to hang up the handset or
    press the switchhook.
  • Hold Puts a call on hold until you can return to it.
  • Intercom (Automatic/Dial) Gives you quick access to specified voice terminals.
  • Last Number Dialed Automatically redials the last number you dialed; an
    extension or an outside number. Use to save time in redialing a busy or unanswered
  • Leave Word Calling (LWC) Leaves a message for another extension to call you
  • Message Lets you know that a caller has left a message for you when the message
    light goes on.
  • Priority Calling Allows you to call another extension with a distinctive 3-burst ring
    to indicate that your call requires immediate attention.
  • Speaker Allows you to place calls or access other voice features without lifting the
    handset when speaker is on. However, in order to speak to the other party, you
    must lift the handset.
  • Transfer Transfers a call from your voice terminal to another extension or outside
    number. Use when your caller needs to speak further with someone else.

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